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Board Members


Standing Committees

Advocacy Chair: Sarah Morenon

Nicolette Baffoni, Kristin Polseno, Alyssa Taft, Esther Wolk
 Awards Chair: Zach Berger
Sarah Hunicke, Suzanne Jordan
Communications Co-chairs: Stephanie Mills, Meredith Moore

Patti McChrystal
 Conference  Chair: Katie O'Kane

Zach Berger, Bevin Winner, Joan Wollin,
Diane Lebrun, Mary Moen, Sonya Capuano
 Member Relations Chair: Lisa Girard
 Programs  Chair: Katie O'Kane
 RIDE Liaison Jillian Waugh

URI GSLIS Student Representative
  • Alyssa Taft
Members at Large
  • Suzanne Jordan
  • Esther Wolk


  • AASL: Jane Perry and Sarah Hunicke
  • COLA: Sarah Morenon
  • GSLIS: Mary Moen
  • Library Board: Phyllis Humphrey
  • NESLA: Sarah Morenon
  • OLIS: Danielle Margarida
  • RILA: 
  • RILINK: Zach Berger

Lisa G. and Sarah representing at RILA's
"Celebrating Lifelong Learning"
event for Information Literacy Month.

SLRI members at the September 2015 Watering Hole; they met at Tortilla Flats in Providence to discuss advocacy, lesson plans, and online resources. The Programs Committee coordinates these monthly meetings at different places across the state.

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